Is a writing will a good idea?

A Will is an important document that allows you to appoint who will take care of your loved ones and what they should do with the money or property you leave behind. This way, even if something happens to you unexpectedly there’s a plan in place for everything! You can also specify which charity receives any funds left over after all other expenses are paid off. If your based in newcaslte and need help writing a will you can chevk out our will writing Newcastle service page.

Is writing a will a good idea?

Setting up a Will is an important decision. Without it, your loved ones might not get what you intended to leave them or worse yet, they could be disinherited without knowing! Here are 3 reasons why setting up a Will for the future is worth doing today:

1) You have lots of assets that need distributing

2) It’s less likely someone will contest your inheritance decisions if they know about them in advance and agree with you on matters such as where children go when there's no surviving spouse

3) If nobody knows how much money/assets something should be sold at then this can lead to disagreements over who gets more than their fair share- which often happens due to lack of communication between family members

What is Intestacy?

If you die without a will your assets are distributed by the laws of intestacy. This works by looking at your next-of kin, so if you’re married with no children, for example, then your partner receives everything. If in this scenario there were children or not and they had parents who have died too but left behind grandparents -those grandchildren would inherit as well according to priority order: first siblings followed up my their own offspring regardless of age span before going back to grandparent level once more on the line where all living relatives have passed away; lastly it goes into state coffers should that be necessary (in case there's been absolutely nobody else).